Advantaged Capital for Education

Advantaged Capital for Education (ACE) was originally founded to review challenges faced by educational facilities and programs at all levels; and, specifically to identify and meet the needs of worthy students.

Our recent focus has been upon exploring solutions provided by the development of charter schools; and, subsequently, complementing the development of charter schools by providing options for funding, planning, development, construction of facilities, and management.
We understand the unique challenges charter schools face, and we respond with innovative solutions.

  • American Renaissance School

  • Anderson Creek Charter

  • Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Charter

  • Invest Collegiate – Transform

  • Mater Brighton Lakes Academy

  • Palmetto Charter

  • Pine Lake Academy

  • Queen City STEM

  • Triad Math & Science Academy

  • Triangle Math & Science Academy

  • Voyager Academy

  • York Preparatory

Our team works with schools and their board members to provide support with curriculum development, operational startup, and long-term educational management. This, combined with our turnkey facilities development and financing programs, positions ACE to be your school’s source for targeted and strategic solutions.

We have the education, real estate, law, and
capital markets experience to be your trusted resource.